Since 1999, Third Friday, Saturday & Sunday of April and September - Rain or Shine

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Antique Alley Texas

History of The Show

We're celebrating 21 years of junking & treasure huntin'! Antique Alley Texas (AAT) started as a sidewalk/yard sale in April of 1999.  Owners of a dress shop and two antique stores in Grandview partnered with some land owners on Hwy. 4 along with a book store owner in downtown Cleburne to brainstorm ways to increase shopping traffic in the area. They decided to work together to advertise and host a sale all at the same time. This group had a vision to increase shopping traffic for their businesses in this primarily agricultural based, (once) rural area.

One of the land owners on Hwy. 4 created Whipp Farm, the flagship of Antique Alley. Their show is a juried antiques/art show in a field connecting Grandview and Cleburne. Whipp Farm continues to be a top-draw for upscale shoppers. They provide a high quality antiques/collectible, guns and art show with other specialty items of interest such as for the gardening enthusiast.

The over-all festival continues to prosper and grow. Welcome Johnson County Pioneers And Old Settlers Reunion Event Center. They will have both indoor facilities and outdoor spaces for vendor rental. Visit the Shopping Directory page for details.

Several of the towns Chambers of Commerce and/or Merchant's Association sponsor the festival in their community. Others are loosely organized by small business owners and volunteers.

AAT is home to a lot of friendly folks including a grump or two with plenty of colorful characters running about.

How show is organized

How show is organized

The AAT festival is a community event organized by local groups and business owners who share a mutual interest in fundraising/increasing sales and growing tourism in the area.

There is not one person or specific group in charge of this event. AAT is a great example of what can happen when folks work together toward a common goal.

Any group or individual hosting an Antique Alley Texas event/show is asked to contact administrators (email to request inclusion. There are minimal stipulations for participation: for example, advertise the entire event (not just your venue) and keep it FAMILY-FRIENDLY. The DBA for Antique Alley Texas is a registered trademark and can only be used with permission of owners. 

Antique Alley Texas

Helpful Information and FAQs

Is AAT wheelchair accessible?

Fields where fleamarkets/shows are located may be difficult to navigate. It is recommended shoppers call ahead to the location of interest to confirm accessibility. A list of participating shows with contact information is available on the Shopping Directory of this website. 

Is this a pet friendly festival?

Pop & Gran's Antiques (Grandview) is a pet-friendly antique store! Most of the fields (fleamarkets/shows) are pet friendly also, but it is highly recommended to call ahead to the show or retail shop of your choice to confirm pet-friendly status. 

Can I bring my golf cart to drive around each show?

Check with the local government in each town. Some communities may allow golf carts in designated areas as long as they are marked with the "slow-moving vehicle" icon required by law for farm equipment and other vehicles. Many of the fields allow golf carts but we recommend checking in ahead to make sure (list of shows/fleamarkets with contact information located on Shopping Directory). Grandview has an ordinance prohibiting use of golf carts on city streets.

What about parking?

There is no parking allowed on the shoulder or easement of state highways. This is a safety issue. Fleamarkets/shows offer parking in designated areas. Some charge a small fee and others offer free parking.

Yard sales and fundraisers are scattered over all the communities in residential areas. Please be courteous and don't block driveways.

Drive safe! 

Who is in charge of Antique Alley?

The AAT event is a loosely organized festival. Each town has either a group (Merchant's Association, Chamber of Commerce committee or their City government) or local retail business owners that plan activities and rent booth space in their respective show, retail business or community.

If you need to contact someone regarding this festival, we recommend contacting the organizer in the town of the fleamarket or retail store you are interested in. There is a list of participating merchants/show organizers on the Shopping Directory page of this website.

In 1999, the founding partners agreed 3rd Friday, Saturday & Sunday of April and September as the designated weekend for this bi-annual event. 

Every show shapes up differently depending on who is participating at the time. 

Is AAT family friendly for all ages?

Volunteers all agree: we strive to keep the festival a "family-friendly" event. Each show organizer has set provisions in booth contracts restricting what can and cannot be sold during AAT.

AAT is mostly outdoors and very spread out. Driving to each venue is necessary as this festival spans 7 towns within two counties. The fleamarket shows are held in fields (lots of walking involved).

Therefore patrons with small children should come prepared with sunscreen, comfortable clothing and beverages to stay hydrated. Senior citizens or those with health issues are advised to be aware of Texas weather and adjust as needed. There is plenty to look at (retail stores in the downtown areas) without having to do a lot of walking.

Some towns may have ordinances restricting the sale of certain items. For example: the City of Grandview does not allow the sale of animals within the city limits. 

In the organized shows, no adult oriented merchandise is allowed, in some places - no gun sales and items of that nature are allowed. Organizers actively seek sellers of  art, crafts of hand-made items, locally produced fruits & vegetables, homemade baked and canned goods, high quality clothing & accessories, antiques and collectibles. Yard sales of local residents are welcome. Cheap imports are generally discouraged.

Festival foods/sweet treats are plentiful in the organized shows.

Are credit/debit cards accepted?

It is true some of the smaller retail businesses may not accept credit/debit cards but many of the vendors will offer Square or Paypal credit/debit services. However, you might wander into "grandpa's" barn sale or that church fundraiser where you could lose out on that treasure by not having cash-on-hand! Best to come prepared.

One shopper found a vintage crazy quilt in excellent condition at a church fundraiser for $50.00. She was tickled over her find and announced she would put the quilt in her shop (up in Plano, TX) for no less than $300!  Wow!

It's my first time to visit Antique Alley Texas. Where do I start?

Where are you coming from? Choose to start at the location nearest you or choose your favorite town to visit. Go to the "Shopping Directory" on Scroll down to view the Google map of AAT. Zoom in for details/zoom out to see scope of entire show. This is an interactive map of show's shopping trail.

One cannot see everything in a day. We recommend book the entire weekend to visit every town and show. Sundays are very slow due to many religious folks don't set-up on Sunday except out in the fields where there are many other vendors selling their wares.

Downtown Waxahachie vendors around the courthouse is currently a "Saturday only" show. However, most of the fields will still have a lot of vendors and most vendors will make deals just so they don't have so much to pack-up. Sundays are bargain days, for sure!

Shoppers generally figure out their favorite spots after a couple of times visiting.

Remember, it's a two-county treasure hunt!

What is the weather like over there?

Texas is famous for its quick changing weather patterns with commonly isolated storms. Visit our weather link:, click on "Festival Information" and scroll down to view the weather app for local conditions in our area.

Will Antique Alley be rescheduled if it is raining or stormy?

Antique Alley is a "rain or shine" event. Dress to conditions. Wear comfortable clothing, bring umbrellas and mud boots if necessary.

The only thing that would close the show would be tornadic weather, flash flooding or extended dangerous weather/lightening.

There are no make-up dates.

How do I become a vendor?

First, figure out what town or show you want to sell in. Find the contact information for that town or show. 

Visit the "Shopping Directory" page on this website and scroll down to see the list of advertisers/show promoters. Everyone sets their own terms. Booth size and price vary from location to location, so shop around. Newer shows rental fees may be less expensive than popular, well established shows. Texas Retail Tax I.D. is required for all sellers including all food handler certifications and insurance for food vendors.

Don't see the show you're looking for? Not all fleamarkets/shows advertise with us. Try a Google search for a specific show not listed here.

To set-up in Grandview, visit, click on Contact Us/Be a Vendor. Scroll down to the bottom and click either Merchandise or Food Vendor to see the application of your choice.

I want to list my AirBnB on the Antique Alley site. I want to list my show on the Antique Alley site. I want to list my special event or yard sale on the Shopping Directory. How do I do that?

Visit, click on Contact Us. Scroll down to bottom of page. Click on the link you are interested in to view the application.

Classified Ads for yard sale listings, special events and accommodations listings are only $20 per show. The sooner you list, the longer your Ad runs and the more exposure you get.

All listings and classified Ads are posted on the AAT website and also published on social media platforms of Antique Alley Texas with possibility of inclusion in feature stories of tourism magazines (print & online).

Pay options: online (click the link at bottom of page) or mail a check with your completed application. Make checks/money order payable to Antique Alley 300 E. Criner St. Grandview, TX 76050.

What happened to Grandview Antique Alley? It used to be so festive downtown.

For over seventeen years, downtown Grandview was very festive with vendors lining the main drag. The small businesses enjoyed heavy shopping traffic and strong sales. Local churches and school fundraisers were mingled in throughout the festival to great success. In 2017, the local iteration of government changed and along with that, no more festival downtown.

The Grandview show was relocated to a 4 acre lot on the west side of downtown Grandview, next to the Grandview Feed Store (across from the Grandview Veteran's Memorial). Thus was born Antique Alley Junction - Founder's Field show.

This had a negative impact on the small retail businesses and cafes, but they keep plugging away in Grandview, working to enhance their businesses and the local economy.

Grandview's small retail business owners (few as they are) want to let shoppers know the show goes on with only a short walk to visit their businesses from Antique Alley Junction - Founder's Field show. Most all offer special promotions & sales during AAT.

Now celebrating 20 years, the over-all festival continues to prosper and grow. Grandview now has a new Mayor since May of 2019, so we'll see if Grandview merchants are allowed to make downtown festive, once again. Either way, Grandview has eclectic shops worthy of your visit. 

Change seems to surround us on every front. Turmoil, though uncomfortable brings debate, choice and opportunity.  We are challenged to be flexible and find solutions in order to achieve success for our interests and the community.

This festival is a great community event. It not only promotes the local economy for small businesses, but AAT helps participating local families, churches, school groups and other 501 c-3 organizations (such as the Masonic Lodge) raise money through yard sales and fundraisers.

Plus, it is a huge bonus for local families with kids to have an event they can participate in right here at home, without having to drive up to the big city for family fun. It's economical too!

Since about 2002, the Antique Alley festival is awarded a yearly proclamation through the Johnson County Commissioner's Court declaring the positive economic impact of this event on the county. 

Sales tax collected spikes significantly during this event. Traffic is notably heavier with a spike in all tourism related activities (cafes, restaurants, lodging, gasoline sales and retail shopping).

How show is organized

More Information & "Tips for First Timers":

Those of you that have never experienced Antique Alley Texas might appreciate some local information that hopefully will make your treasure hunt more enjoyable and safe.

AAT is a "rain or shine" event. Most vendors will cover their product until the rain passes and many have tent covered shopping areas. Threat of lightening and/or flooding is about the only thing that will shut down the show. Wear comfortable clothing.

Local bed & breakfasts, hotels and RV parks fill up quickly, so you'll want to make your arrangements early. 

The Antique Alley Texas shopping trail is very scenic and even breathtaking in places.
FM 916 (between Grandview and Maypearl) has no shoulder, is a road with sharp curves, twists and tricky turns that can prove to be very distracting for those unfamiliar with the route. From Grandview, FM 916 changes names at the Ellis county line to FM 66 just before Maypearl. FM 4 is a commuter connection between Grandview and Cleburne. It is heavily traveled.

"No parking" on Highway 4 shoulder or easement is being enforced. This is a safety issue. Park only in designated areas off of the highway.
Be on the look-out for yard sales and church & community fundraisers - they'll be scattered over the area between participating towns.

Portable restroom facilities are provided in all the downtown areas and at many of the private landowner shows and sales.

There is plenty of food and refreshments offered in each of the participating communities.

EVERY Antique Alley Texas festival shapes up differently based on whether churches/benevolent groups have repeat sales or whether vendors return to their same spot on the shopping trail.

Downtown  Maypearl will have vendors lined up with plenty to look at on their main drag and/or town square. Cleburne and Keene has scattered sales about the town.

Grandview vendors were moved out of downtown to a lot on the west side, next to Grandview Feed Store. The small businesses downtown hope you will visit them anyway, even though the festival is no longer on the main drag. K's Korner Grill, Los Campesinos Mexican Cafe, Pop & Gran's Antiques, The Grind Coffee & Sandwich Shop and Just A Little Western Dress & Apparel Shop hope you will make time to stop in for a look around along with some yummy treats available only in Grandview.

Waxahachie will have vendors around the square on Saturday and there's also the Waxahachie Farmer's Market to visit.

If Sunday is the only day you are able to shop, organizers want to let you know that many of our dealers with strict religious convictions will not set up on Sunday. There are many Mennonite families that sell handmade furniture, homemade jams, jellies, cakes, breads and pies that you will miss. Many say it is noticeably less festive on Sunday in the downtown areas but the fields (flea markets) are still usually full and worthy of your visit. 

The highest concentration of landowner shows is between Grandview and Cleburne via HWY 4.

SPECIAL NOTE: HWY 4 is an old farm-to-market road. Over the years, it has been dissected by other, larger highways. That makes finding the correct stretch of HWY 4 rather confusing to a first-time visitor. HWY 4 is split in Cleburne. If you are coming to Antique Alley via Cleburne, find the town square at the Court House. The correct leg of HWY 4 is SOUTH of the Cleburne town square.
From the town square, go SOUTH on Main Street (one way only) to Second Street (about a mile, or so). Go LEFT on Second Street, cross Caddo Street (also a one-way-only street), keep going EAST, cross the railroad tracks and you have found THE shopping trail!

If you are coming from the north (Fort Worth), take I-35W to Grandview exit 16. One mile and you are right in the BIG MIDDLE of the show! If you are coming from Dallas via HWY 67, it's your choice: head south on FM 157 to Maypearl or stay west on Hwy 67 to Alvarado. From there you can jump on I-35 (W) for a ten mile trek to Grandview (exit 16) or stay west on Hwy 67 to Cleburne. Want to start in Waxahachie? I-35E  to Hwy. 77 (business) exit will get you downtown. From there head to FM 66 (east of Waxahachie) and head toward the fine little community of Maypearl. ALL YOUR CHOICE. 

Venus no longer organizes an "official" show. However, their community in general will have scattered yard sales during AAT weekend.

We hope you enjoy visiting participating communities and shopping the Antique Alley Texas Trail!