Since 1999, Third Friday, Saturday & Sunday of April and September - Rain or Shine

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Antique Alley Texas

History of The Show

Antique Alley Texas (AAT) started as a sidewalk/yard sale in April of 1999.  Owners of a dress shop and two antique stores in Grandview partnered with two land owners on Hwy. 4 along with a book store owner in downtown Cleburne to host a sale all at the same time. This group had a vision to increase shopping traffic for their businesses in this primarily Agricultural based, (once) rural area.

One of the land owners on Hwy. 4 created Whipp Farm, the flagship of Antique Alley. Their show is a juried antiques/art show in a field connecting Grandview and Cleburne. Whipp Farm continues to be a top-draw for upscale shoppers. They provide a high quality antiques/collectible, guns and art show with other specialty items of interest such as for the gardening enthusiast. 

AAT is home to a lot of friendly folks including a grump or two with plenty of colorful characters running about.

Who would've believed you can buy a stuffed skunk at AAT? It's true, Whipp Farm once had a taxidermist selling on-sight. Who knows? He might be there again this spring.

How show is organized

How show is organized

The AAT festival is a community event organized by local groups and business owners who share a mutual interest in fundraising/increasing sales and growing tourism in the area.

There is not one person or specific group in charge of this event. AAT is a great example of what can happen when folks work together toward a common goal.

Contact information (except city/chamber information) is provided on this website for paid advertisers. Queries can be directed here but also each town has a chamber of commerce (or downtown business association) who's purpose is to promote/enhance economic growth for their members. They hopefully will be able to direct a call within their town/area. 

Antique Alley Texas

Helpful Information and FAQs

Is show ADA compliant with wheelchair access at every venue?

More answers to frequently asked questions coming soon.

Is this a pet friendly festival?

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Can I bring my golf cart to drive around each show? Is there free parking?

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How show is organized

More Information & "Tips for First Timers":

Those of you that have never experienced Antique Alley Texas might appreciate some local information that hopefully will make your treasure hunt more enjoyable and safe.

AAT is a "rain or shine" event. Most vendors will cover their product until the rain passes and many have tent covered shopping areas. Threat of lightening and/or flooding is about the only thing that will shut down the show. Wear comfortable clothing.

Local bed & breakfasts, hotels and RV parks fill up quickly, so you'll want to make your arrangements early. 

The Antique Alley Texas shopping trail is very scenic and even breathtaking in places.
FM 916 (between Grandview and Maypearl) has no shoulder, is a road with sharp curves, twists and tricky turns that can prove to be very distracting for those unfamiliar with the route. From Grandview, FM 916 changes names at the Ellis county line to FM 66 just before Maypearl. FM 4 is a commuter connection between Grandview and Cleburne. It is heavily traveled.

"No parking" on Highway 4 shoulder or easement is being enforced. This is a safety issue. Park only in designated areas off of the highway.
Be on the look-out for yard sales and church & community fundraisers - they'll be scattered over the area between participating towns.

Portable restroom facilities are provided in all the downtown areas and at many of the private landowner shows and sales.

There is plenty of food and refreshments offered in each of the six participating communities.

To avoid missing a great buy, bring plenty of cash - some families and small shows will not have electronic payment/card processing.

EVERY Antique Alley Texas festival shapes up differently based on whether churches/benevolent groups have repeat sales or whether vendors return to their same spot on the shopping trail. Weather is a big factor but the show goes on even in the rain (except of course, not if there's lightening/flooding!) 99% of the AAT festival is outdoors.

Downtown  Maypearl and Venus will have vendors lined up with plenty to look at on their main drag and/or town square. Cleburne has scattered sales all over town.

Grandview vendors were moved out of downtown to a lot on the west side, next to Grandview Feed Store. The small businesses downtown hope you will visit them any way, even though the festival is no longer on the main drag. K's Korner Grill, Los Campesinos Mexican Cafe, Pop & Gran's Antiques, The Grind Coffee & Sandwich Shop and Just A Little Western Dress & Apparel Shop hope you will make time to stop in for a look around along with some yummy treats available only in Grandview.

If Sunday is the only day you are able to shop, organizers want to let you know that many of our dealers with strict religious convictions will not set up on Sunday. There are many Mennonite families that sell handmade furniture, homemade jams, jellies, cakes, breads and pies that you will miss. Many say it is noticeably less festive on Sunday but still worthy of your visit. However, we hear that the private shows up and down Highway 4 remain fairly full with lots to look at on Sundays. Many shoppers save Sunday for a slow stroll through their favorite shopping venues. We also hear that on the last day of the show, some dealers don't want to pack it up - hello, Bargain Town!

The highest concentration of landowner shows is between Grandview and Cleburne via HWY 4.

SPECIAL NOTE: HWY 4 is an old farm-to-market road. Over the years, it has been dissected by other, larger highways. That makes finding the correct stretch of HWY 4 rather confusing to a first-time visitor. HWY 4 is split in Cleburne. If you are coming to Antique Alley via Cleburne, find the town square at the Court House. The correct leg of HWY 4 is SOUTH of the Cleburne town square.
From the town square, go SOUTH on Main Street (one way only) to Second Street (about a mile, or so). Go LEFT on Second Street, cross Caddo Street (also a one-way-only street), keep going EAST, cross the railroad tracks and you have found THE shopping trail!

If you are coming from the north (Fort Worth), take I-35W to Grandview exit 16. One mile and you are right in the BIG MIDDLE of the show! If you are coming from Dallas via HWY 67, it's your choice: Venus first, then either head south on FM 157 to Maypearl or stay west on Hwy 67 to Alvarado. From there you can jump on I-35 (W) for a ten mile trek to Grandview (exit 16) or stay west on Hwy 67 to Cleburne. Want to start in Waxahachie? I-35E  to Hwy. 77 (business) exit will get you downtown. From there head to FM 66 (east of Waxahachie) and head toward the fine little community of Maypearl. ALL YOUR CHOICE. 

We hope you enjoy visiting participating communities and shopping the Antique Alley Texas Trail!